HalwaWorld.in started its operation in the year of 2014 to serve the fresh sweets and snacks all over India. Our motive is to concoct traditional sweets and savories in order to satisfy the sweet lovers. We are an expert in making traditional tirunelveli halwa and other varieties of wheat halwas. Halwa world focusing on preparing delicious and yummy sweets and delivering such healthy and fresh sweets online.

Halwaworld.in is an identity of Tirunelveli city as it has massive customers all over India. We use our unique and traditional recipe to prepare heritage sweets and snacks which will surely make our customers mouth watering. Our friends and family members are departing out of the city for their exertion and other personal obligation. Due to this, they would miss the prospect of tasting our traditional sweet and healthy snacks. Hence we have have made this inception to serve people through online delivery of our delicious sweet products.

At HalwaWorld.in, we serve an authentic Tirunelveli Halwa which is made up of natural ingredients like, wheat, pure cow ghee, sugar and cashews to reflect the deliciousness. Apart from Halwas, we make various kind of heritage sweets and savouries to fulfill our customer needs.

We follow our special recipe to prepare all kind of halwas, sweets & savouries. The traditional recipe lends extraordinary taste to our sweets and savouries. All our sweets and savouries are fresh and delicious. We have skilled chef to prepare such mouth watering sweets and snacks. We prepare the sweets and savories freshly on daily basis to feel the delicacy of our products.

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