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Adhirasam/Athirasam is made up of rice flour and jaggery syrup. Traditional sweet which is deeply fried to reflect the crispiness. Athirasam has long shelf life and the taste of athirasam cannot be compared with any other sweets since it has unique taste. Get this traditional athirasam to your home. Pack contains: 10 Pieces


Famous south indian sweet for all festive and occasions. We concoct this sweet with milk and flour which reflects the mouth watering taste in every bites you have.


Boondi is concocted using gram flour and sugar syrup. Boondi is soft and sweet to chew and provides lip smacking taste. This will be a good side dish when you have it along with mixture or kara sevu.

Delicious Laddu

Laddu or laddoo is a sphere-shaped sweet which is originated from the Indian subcontinent. Laddus are made from natural sources like gram flour and sugar. Feel the softness and deliciousness in every bites.

Jaggery Jalebi

Jaggery jalebi is a rich source of natural Jaggery. Jaggery is usually obtained from toddy palm tree and sugarcane. The jalebi is fried and dipped into the jaggery syrup to provide the delicacies.

Jaggery Mittai

The fresh rice flour blends with natural jaggery and deeply fried to provide the crunchy sweetness. Mittai or jaggery mittai is a traditional and healthy sweet at all occasions.


Jalebi is especially made from urad flour which lends an unique taste. The ring shaped jalebi is concocted and dipped into sugar syrup to lend the sweetness and delicacies.

Mysore Pak

Mysore pak is an ancient Indian sweet which is prepared using gram flour, ghee and cardamom. The rectangular shape and texture itself will reflect the property of it's taste. Try our authentic mysore pak and relish the sweetness.


Palkova which is made up of fresh milk and sugar. We source milk directly from village farmers which lends natural aroma to palkova. An unique specialty of this palkova is depicted as soft and sweet.

Seeni Mittai

Seeni mittai is a crispy sweet to relish. Refined rice flour and sugar makes such delicious and crispy sugar mittai. This is our all time favorite sweet which occupies all season.

Tirunelveli Ghee Halwa

Tirunelveli halwa is a source of well soaked wheat milk, ghee and sugar. Tirunelveli ghee halwa comprise extra amount of ghee which gives slippery feel and mouth watering taste. Fresh ghee lends natural aroma to the halwa which will surely tempt you to eat again.

Tirunelveli Halwa

Tirunelveli Halwa is made up of hand soaked wheat milk and pure cow ghee. We source ghee from farmers to make such delicious halwa. Thamirabarani river water adds extra taste to the halwa. Get this traditional tirunelveli halwa to your home.